Assembly of organisation

Assembly of the organization is the highest body. It consists of all members of the organization.

Assembly of the organization is responsible for the policy and financial affairs of the organization.

Assembly of the organization elects the members of the organization's board of directors and approves organizations annual activity reports and annual financial reports.

Assembly of the organization may delegate any of its responsibilities to the Board of Directors or any other body or to the employees of the organization, by the decision of the majority of its members.

Meetings of the Assembly of the Organization

Assembly of the organization meets at least once a year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) where it assesses and approves the means, liabilities, income expenditures and the programs for the upcoming years.

Assembly of the organization may also hold extraordinary general meetings (EGMs) if requested by the half of the members or from the Board of Directors.

Written notice regarding  AGM or EGM, including the date and place of the meeting along with the agenda for the meeting will be distributed to all members of the organization at least seven days prior to the day of the meeting.

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